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Richard G. Berry & Associates, Inc., Carpenter  in Saugus
Carpenter in Saugus, Massachusetts
“CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: Rick Berry is not your typical contractor. He is honest, extremely creative and takes pride in his work. If you want something beautiful and done right Rick is the right contractor for you. Rick transformed our kitchen and two bathrooms into something we never thought was possible in our home built in 1910. He then returned to replace our front porch and has worked on a variety of other projects. With an art background Rick has a great ability to look at a space and creatively see a potential that you might not be able to see yourself.
(781) 341-7776
Carpenter in Lunenburg, Massachusetts
“I offer services ranging from small repairs to custom-built furnishings and room remodels. I perform all work personally from start to finish, and within your schedule and budget. I am happy to accommodate any changes you may want during the course of a project, and so offer a great deal of flexibility that you may not find in larger companies. My promise to you is quality work done in a timely and courteous manner.
(978) 381-9923

Who can be a carpenter?
Carpenters are not required to be licensed in most states although the most skilled in Massachusetts (MA) tend to be highly trained through vocational courses and experience on the job. They are occasionally referred to as woodworkers and fitters or joiners, who tend to work more on construction projects.
How to find a Carpenter with specific Carpentry skills?
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Can a Carpenter help?
Massachusetts (MA) Carpenters have broad skills and can work with a wide variety of woodworking, joinery and carpentry projects. They design, build, install, repair, maintain and replace wooden fixtures and fittings as well as furniture and cabinets.
What can a skilled Carpenter do?
The best carpenters, joiners, woodworkers or fitters in Massachusetts (MA) can help with installing wooden units or cabinets and are experienced at designing, building, installing, repairing, maintaining and replacing wooden fixtures and fittings as well as furniture and cabinets. Make sure to contact more than one carpenter to get the best quotes on design installation, repairs, maintenance and replacement of wooden fixtures and fittings as well as furniture and cabinets.